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Battle of NY was the end of the world. This is the new world.
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May join fellow Godzilla actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson for Age of Ultron.
Offer said to be in place.
Whedon sounds off!
Filming underway in Alberta, Canada.
$30 million venture has the backing power of WWE, NY Giants co-owner, Guess Jeans owners and more.
Styr, Magnar of Thenn is cast for Game of Thrones.
League of Assassins as in the Batman villains group?
An unlikely alliance, but all is as it seems in DC Comics' Villains Month!
New comic event starts this November featuring Shockwave!
All-new competition reality series featuring costume designers.
Filming continues in Bulgaria.
No Pym and now different powers?
Who wouldn't want to do the female Joker?
Our nosy M.E. probes the depths of Mars and its diverse societies with the writer.
James Gunn announces Tyler Bates doing the Guardians music score.
If not Hank Henshaw then who?!
Upgrade your old version for only ten bucks.
Drax is under arrest by the Nova Corps!
Joins Drax with Star-Lord on the way.
Chris Pine art and another clip for the digital release available today.
Hammer time at Disney!
Finally on Sony!
Right in time for the Holidays is Sony's Playstation 4.
BOOM! hitting the big time exploding on the big screen.
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Different than the most recent versions of the Time Lord.
Ultron was never part of the package, but what about Scott Lang?
Tauriel and Bilbo from The Hobbit.
UK video game publisher Reef Entertainment has acquired Terminator and T2.