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Answers to the Fantastic Four's greatest mystery.
"We really want you to try this comic, that's why it's only 25 cents."
Behind-the-scenes of The Flash.
Will sell a million copies.
Talks part 2 and more.
His death was only the beginning.
Marvel Comics' Knight Thrasher of the New Warriors comes to life.
First two episodes of Season Two to debut.
Kylo Ren ignites his lightsaber and more.
QnA from her bathtub.
Rebel Wilson up for a role. Jennifer Lawrence wants in and more celebrities comment.
"Thank you so much for the enthusiasm spilling out of tonight's fall finale.."
Did the trailer hint at Strange?
Michael Jackson as Star-Lord.
Has a big Cap story he would like to do.
Hacking damage continues...
Stop a bullet cold...
Brings a founding member of The Avengers to the big screen...
Billion dollar sci-fi theme park coming to the UK.
Sony Japan may be stepping in.
By Mike Perkins.
Not on the Lucas stuff.
Hill and Tatum interacting with the universe of MIB.
No more daddy.
Two-hour episode airs January 6th.
Better experience with the Batman costume.
Includes the debut of Deathstroke.
Confirmed by WB.
Update on the earlier report.
Talks happened about a shared universe. Also plans for a new animated Spidey flick.
Lots of questions answered tonight.
May not have recorded.
People will pay anything with Marvel's name on it?!
Was the Alfred scene real?
Not as much as Captain America 2.
Origin, story and plot details.
The Earthquakes felt round the Multiverse!
Fan-created with music from website.
WB pulls a fast one...