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Robert Vendetti and Cary Nord have unleashed Death Planet and nothing will ever be the same again! Undeniably one of the best cosmic stories being created today!
Total mischaracterizations of both by a writer who clearly doesn’t care about what the fans really want from Marvel Cosmic? I think so.
Johns and Finch continue to assemble their super-powered covert unit as Steve Trevor gets deeper into the game.
In the wake of the White Event, Nightmask finds his Star Brand -- but then they find the whole system is broken!
This week we're up to the gills with fun and thrills as the Top of the Pile shines some light on the best five comics you can get your hands on tomorrow!
One of the most enjoyable new books on the stands, and a thoroughly adventurous, humorous read!
This franchise is legally restricted from any reference to ruby slippers, but does this film have the magic to show us there's no place like home?
A new era of Walking Dead greatness begins in this very issue! New alliances are forged but what will it cost Rick in order to gain the trust of King Ezekiel?
Another enjoyable and thoroughly satisfying episode of a wonderful program
A new storyline, old foes and the return of a classic Valiant character await you in Shadowman #5. This is the perfect jumping on point for those who want their comics laced with perfection!
The Age of Ultron is upon us but it all feels too familiar. Bendis gives us a tale that skates by on mediocrity but does pose the question, "Is this really from the Marvel 616 Universe?"
Dan Slott has taken the mythos of Spider-Man and created something that has torn it's fanbase in two. Now, he has pushed the envelope even farther and Spidey will be changed FOREVER!
Wonderfully complex and classically cosmic, Avengers #7 just gives you that feel of something big happening!
This sci-fi offering from BOOM continues to improve on its excellent self. A real joy to read!
In the Dead Zone, a green ring searches for its true owner while Hal Jordan makes a life-or-death plan of escape!
The Ayatollah of Rock-n-Rolla lords it over some rock'em-sock'em robots in this new SyFy reality offering
Betrayal from within threatens to destroy Red Lantern Razer and the universe in this action-filled toon.
If you really need proof that Jennifer Lawrence deserved the Oscar, look no further than Silver Linings Playbook!
Not adding to pull list; it’s disrespectful of all the elements that made GotG great. Sadly, Bendis has turned this into “Garbage of the Galaxy.”
We have all seen the cover and heard the hype, but is Batman Incorporated #8 going to truly shake fandom to it's foundations? The answer is a resounding -- YES!
It's comedy tonight! Or rather on Saturday morning, as Larfleeze hits the GL Animated Series! Classic!
Geoff Johns foray into the darker, covert side of the Justice League is a sure fire hit! It is the build-up of a lifetime with a payoff that will change the new DCU in exceptional ways!
When the US government needs a bailout, they apparently turn to Hollywood. Well at least they did once back in 1979.
Here's an Oscar contender that should have delivered much more than it actually did.

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