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This epic is a keeper, folks. No uber-Nazis, just spy stuff in the mighty Marvel manner!
Some of these AvX stories have been dry as dust, but this one is full of life and worth the extra coin. Believe me.
I cannot think of a comic that is doing more for science fiction now than Planet of the Apes!
These lost Legionnaires need to find their way back to the future – and fast! Terrible!
A great story by a great creative team, something Spidey needs and deserves as his book builds to #700!
A rebending of Wakandan history and another big, epic wait-and-see from Hickman! Typical FF.
Even the uninspired art of Jesus Saiz seems draggy and propels the bland DnA story nowhere. Sad.
All in all, not a bad issue as Jason Aaron’s new slant on the Incredible One continues.
I like to be shocked in a great way, and this fan is sticking with Deathstroke to see where the writer/artist is headed. Simply a great book.
All in all, some surgery is needed on this book. Or a Next Wave may wash it away too.
Those waiting for penciler Walt Simonson to knock it out of the part will love the interiors of this issue!
We learned a lot in Green Lantern #9. This issue is the bottle after the cap is pulled out!
Mark Waid takes Max Damage on his last great adventure as the radioactive cloud of death heads toward Coalville.
Scott Snyder grabs two spots on the list this week! One will astound you with revelations and the other will give you a weeks worth of nightmares! Enjoy!
The brilliance that once made this THE best X book on the shelves — is back! Remender and Noto have crafted something outstanding that no comic fan should miss!
Howard Mackie has turned The Ravagers from mediocrity to marvelous in only one issue! You might buy it for the heroes, but it's the villains that make this read outstanding!
A wonderful story of betrayal and secrets amid a gathering of red red Robins everywhere!
Two universes meet, as Brian Michael Bendis gives us the beginning of a story every Spidey fan should enjoy!
The mad Titan Thanos is the big-bad of this Brian Michael Bendis book. Nuff said!!
To say that I am dazzled by the Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo rendition of Batman would be an understatement.
Liefeld continues transforming Grifter from a back-of-the-pack step-child into one of the most cosmic books on the DC roster.
Few books have remained an enjoyable and entertaining as Batwing since its launch in September.
This is the strong beginning this book needed. No one does spy comics like Ed Brubaker!
Not your average merry mutant adventure, but we are having enough of those in AVX. A great character study!

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