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Greg Pak and Paco Diaz serve up a rip-roarin' Western that has everything in it but the kitchen sink. A great X-romp!
Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson bring the most unusually chaotic crime story you will ever read! Plus, some Zero Month contenders show up and some "mean girls" get what's coming to 'em!
Witness the early days of the biggest bastard of them all -- John Constantine! This one leads directly into the "War for the Books of Magic" storyline! Great stuff!
Stemming from the Court of Owls storyline, Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV, bring you a harrowing hero's tale rife with action and emotional distress! Make room for Calvin Rose - the Talon!
New Guardians #0 was another disappointment. It had absolutely nothing in it to cling to.
Darren Blackburn, CBN's UK correspondent, reviews "The Power Of Three," the latest episode of Doctor Who.
Brainiac 5 arrives on the doorstep of the Legion of Super-Heroes, and the future never looked brighter.
Daddy issues galore and a sad but beautiful transformation as Theresa Cassidy says goodbye to X-Factor -- and Jamie.
Finally, we get the conclusion of the Billy Batson back-up story! Even though no Leaguers are in this book, it is still one great read! No more Captain Marvel, there is only -- Shazam!
Zero month continues to turn out some great books, but it's my personal favorite hero that graces the number one spot this week! Plus, some zombies and Nazis just for fun!
Rich in characterization, issue #102 gives Rick a chance to become a leader he never has before. But, can the group handle his decisions? This is where it all changes!
CBN UK correspondent Darren Blackburn reviews the latest Who episode saying, "A Town Called Mercy is a rare beast," and more.
The horror films cometh which means more creepy little girls to run away from.
Because four terrible Resident Evil adaptations weren't enough.
Enter: Ninjak! And the world of X-O Manowar will never be the same again! Robert Venditti continues to catch lightening in a bottle every issue, isn't it about time you did too?
This is not another tried and true Batman origin story -- as a matter of fact "the Batman" never makes an appearance! But, this tale is unique and overtly special!
"Zero Month" has been good to DC, but none have been better than this weeks bunch! Plus, some blasts from the past and, "Is that an A vs. X book on the list?" Hell yeah!
“I’m riding a Dinosaur on a Spaceship. I only came around to fix your light!”
Fans of the original film franchise as well as readers of BOOM's past Ape efforts will find fun and intrigue in this new ongoing.
If you love surprises and creepy super-villains, this issue of Hypernaturals is for you! Fun and full of cosmic awe!
This is the book everyone should be clamoring for every Wednesday!
Geoff Johns new controversial character is all the buzz, but is Baz worth all the hype? Insightful and empathetic, this tale deserves even more than that!
This week is all about the Moore the better! Both Alan and daughter Leah, strike the top five but can't squeak out the number one spot! Don't tell Mr. Moore, he's always cranky!
Another worthy addition to The Walking Dead mythos, but does it even stack up as a video game anymore?