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Record-breaking night on AMC.
What did you think of the finale?
It's all connected.
Airs tonight!
Will we see Harley again?
Returns in 2015.
Season finale airs this Sunday.
Announcement came at the final night of the Paleyfest.
Nova villain.
Begins June 19th with season premiers.
One of SyFy's most loyal and consistent audiences in its first season.
Just a fan guess? Huh?
Cellist from Portland.
Back-to-back episodes see a back-to-back ratings boost.
Season finale airs this Sunday.
All things are possible.
Also hints that Skye might not be entirely human.
Continues to move foward with it said to debut in 2015.
Kevin Smith and Robert Bruce get their own series.
One of the crime world's greatest foes!
References a couple times including in The Avengers movie.
Plays the villain, Fish Mooney.
Oswald Cobblepot.
Who will arrive?
Official image from Fox.
Ryan Murphy tweets for the image and title.
Airs April 1st.
Will Carol survive?
One of the most talked about (and complicated) sci-fi shows ever on TV.
Pics of Bullock and Gordon, too.
Official images.
Selina Kyle.
Agent Eric Koenig.
Second worst ratings this season.
Gordon's partner.
Executive producer and writer on Arrow, Marc Guggenheim, reveals the news.
Harley Quinn heard on Arrow.