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Airs December 25th on BBC America!
Set closer to A New Hope.
The Walking Dead, Talking Dead and Comic Book Men return February 9th on AMC.
Watch the shocking scene and a recap video!
Santa gives S.H.I.E.L.D. an early Christmas present.
Fans want Daryl and Carol not more from last season.
The time of the Doctor is at hand!
Short, but sweet.
Executive Producer Greg Berlanti says there have been no discussions.
Helix, Past Vs. Future, Bitten and more.
Darren Blackburn finishes up with his thoughts and more on the modern Time Lords!
Barry continues to help Felicity, and their connection grows stronger.
David Morrissey as The Governor! And one familiar to comic fans!
Debuts next year on Disney XD.
BBC releases second prequel episode.
Ra's al Ghul's other daughter!
Will first be seen December 11th.
Features an Anime Inspired Challenge That Takes the Series to Tokyo, Japan!
Stan The Man On SHIELD?
CW released a batch of official stills from episode 8.
Change in plans due to Grant Gustin's episodes being so well received by execs.
Watch the first episode in its entirety. Great start!
Not a fan-favorite episode tonight for The Walking Dead.
Looks like a Preacher series is a go!
Something to replace Breaking Bad and Mad Men?
Arrow, Diggle and Felicity can get a bite to eat thanks to Batkid!
Might be set when the zombie epidemic first occurs.
Stephen Amell is hopeful for a Season 3.
Barry offers to help Oliver and team with an investigation!
Darren Blackburn returns for the second part of his Doctor Who feature!
Returns this Sunday!
Series isn't what fans were expecting by the looks of things.
The Governor returns!
Batman or Nightwing?!
SyFy shakes up Thanksgiving Day weekend!
Agent Carter?
Five DC Comics series currently in development.
Ratings up as much as 50% in some key demographics.
Leading up to a big event mini-series!
Matt Smith, David Tennant and Joanna Page as Queen Elizabeth.