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Possibly a brilliant and quirky scientist.
The CW Network has shifted some premiere dates of its 2013 Fall season.
Features a plethora of extra features and bonus content.
Son to the Queen of Thorns, and father of Loras and Margaery.
Will have powers and a red suit.
The Shark Feeding Frenzy continued on Syfy Saturday night!
CW pres confirms the news!
King of the blackmailers.
Geoff Johns attached with Arrow writers.
Television's #1 Summer Series to Return with 13 New Episodes.
Most watched reality premiere in more than five months.
Set between the events of Episode III and IV.
Written by Sons Of Anarchy's Vaun Wilmott.
Showrunner David Benioff says better than last season!
The new Doctor has a chat with Clara.
Morrissey to be featured in a pair of upcoming episodes.
Joe Rogan takes on Bigfoot and bizarre beliefs that have obsessed portions of the public for generations.
Running low on water.
We're off to destroy the evil wizard.
SyFy at Comic-Con.
Charles Roven pitches new series to SyFy.
Falling angels, fraternal moments, hidden bunkers and a whole lot of beheadings.
Salvation or total annihilation?
Exterminate! The three Doctors!
Disney XD updates from the SDCC.
Disney XD Marvel toons.
Pics of the cast in action.
Disney characters coming to a galaxy far far away.
Walkers return.
Updated with first look at Maria Hill in SHIELD.
Joss Whedon, Clark Gregg and more.
Man of Steel writer to direct the dead.
Set to take to the sky to awe millions of fans across the nation.
Governor and prison featured at SDCC.
New for Disney XD?
Black Canary cast, but not Laurel?
No Hulk show for ABC.
Full color season 4 walker!
Airs 7pm ET.
Airing October 25th.