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Straight out of the Avengers comic books!
Almost leveling off.
WB continues bringing DC characters to TV.
First image still from the popular series!
Best season so far?!
Aaron Stanford and Amanda Schull in the lead roles.
Our resident Whovian, Darren Blackburn, takes us through the history of Doctor Who and more!
Coulson and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pick up the pieces following Thor 2!
John Zaffis lets the disappointing news be known.
Included is a look at Navid Negahban as Al-Owal!
The number one show on television among adults 18-49 returns!
"You'll never see me coming." - Ben Kingsely as the Mandarin from Iron Man 3.
Larroquette plays a scientist in a recurring role.
The Walking Dead Season 4 image gallery.
Ratings remain consistent as Arrow took on the World Series.
Maximiliano Hernandez reprising from Thor, The Avengers and the Item 47 short.
Check out the latest episode of Arrow online which confirms a major Batman villain!
Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor in RealD 3D for two nights!
Last night's episode mentioned a major Batman villain! Details inside!
Details for upcoming episodes.
Following the same route as Green Lantern Animated and Young Justice.
The past vs. the future!
Not time to panic. Yet.
Playing the evil Mark Scheffer.
Highly anticipated series returns early next year!
First Japanese Marvel animated television series.
You do The Monster Mash Walking Dead style!
Deju Vu all over again?!
Check out two videos about last night's excellent episode.
Listen to Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus discuss the first episode and Season 4.
They're creepy and kooky, and they scared and entertained. TV classics!
Michonne, Glenn and a zombie!
Celebrating 50 years of the Time Lord.
Good news Arrow fans!
Thankfully, not that much of a drop.
6 more episodes ordered.
Maggie offers thoughts on being down and dirty in TWD.
Shooting continues on episode 209.
Cast and crew talk what's to come and more.
First three seasons of The Walking Dead.

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