Anne Hathaway

2013 Oscars: Results, Opinions & Fallout

CBN's Lawrence Napoli gives us a run-down on the big winners and his thoughts on the show.

Film Review of Les Misérables

Will the beating of your heart echo the beating of the feat marching their way to the box office; a place you may long to be.

Anne Hathaway Wants To Do Catwoman Movie Spin-Off So Badly She Cried

Anne Hathaway would love to do a Catwoman movie, bursts into tears and misses the character.

The Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray: Anne Hathaway Fight Sequences & Bane Football Explosion Videos

Two new videos of Catwoman and Bane from The Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray are online.

The State of Hollywood 5: Hollywood's 10 Best Actresses Today

Lawrence Napoli gives us his top ten ladies of Hollywood, "These ladies represent the best of today's Hollywood actresses."

Christopher Nolan Says There Should Be A Catwoman Spinoff; Hathaway Responds

Anne Hathaway would do a Catwoman movie, but only if Christopher Nolan was attached to direct.

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