Ant-Man #1 Preview

This time nothing is gonna stop the astonishing ANT-MAN!

Ant-Man Ongoing Announced At NYCC

From Nick Spencer and by Ramon Rosanas.

Hickman's Avengers Revealed! Cannonball, Human Torch & Ant-Man?!

New characters are revealed for the Marvel Now! Avengers. Any guesses?!

Marvel Now! Point One Teaser Reveals — Ant-Man!

Marvel released another of their Marvel Now! Point One teasers, and this time we see Ant-Man!

Will Nathan Fillion Play Star-Lord? With Joss Whedon Directing Guardians of the Galaxy Movie?!

Forget Ant-Man, Nathan Fillion is the obvious choice to play Star-Lord, Peter Quill!

Jonathan Hickman Says Its Going To Be Exciting For Marvel Cosmic Fans This Year

Hickman hints at things to come and states Marvel Cosmic fans will be happy this coming year.

Marvel Announces Greg Pak on Doctor Strange Season One

Marvel announced three new Season One titles including Doctor Strange, Hulk and Ant-Man.

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