The Avengers

Watch: The Avengers 8-Bit Movie

Going old school to take on Loki.

Marvel Avengers Alliance Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

Featuring the Guardians' cinematic costumes and much more!

5 New Marvel Movies Coming For 2017-2019

Iron Man 4? Inhumans? Black Panther?

The Avengers 2 Is Darker & More Sci-Fi Says Joss Whedon

Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johannson weigh in as well as info about the other characters.

Hulk Rumored For Guardians of the Galaxy Sequel & Major Avengers 2 Spoiler

Marvel Studios could be dipping further into Marvel Cosmic.

Kevin Feige Confirms Thanos Ties Into Future Avengers Movies

Four possible Infinity Stones have surfaced.

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