Being Human

SyFy Cancels Being Human

6 episodes remain.

Syfy's Lost Girl & Being Human Return In January

Series return January 15th on SyFy!

SyFy: Watch The First 4 Minutes Of Tonight's Being Human

New episode airs, check out a extended preview.

Amy Manson As Wonder Woman For CW's Amazon?

Scottish actress Amy Manson is said to be up for the role of Wonder Woman in CW's Amazon.

SyFy Continuum, Being Human & Lost Girl New Preview Clips

SyFy's Powerful Mondays begins next week with the premiere episode of Continuum as well as new episodes for Being Human and Lost Girl.

SyFy Being Human, Lost Girl & Continuum Promo Clips

SyFy sent over the following preview clips to Being Human, Lost Girl, and Continuum.

Being Human & Lost Girl Return With Continuum On SyFy Powerful Mondays

Syfy’s Powerful Mondays programming block returns on Monday, January 14, kicking off with the premiere of the new original series Continuum.

Live Tweet With Being Human’s Sam Huntington; Appearing on Warehouse 13 Tonight

SyFy and Sam Huntington are holding a special live tweet event during tonight's episode of Warehouse 13.

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