Ben Kingsley

Marvel "All Hail The King" Event Images With Ben Kingsley, Drew Pearce & Kevin Feige

Special surprise screening of the first ten minutes of Captain America 2 was held.

Watch All Hail The King In Its Entirety: Mandarin Spoilers

Disgruntled IM3 fans may be happy by what they see.

Watch 9 Thor 2 Blu-Ray Clips

Watch over 10 minutes of Thor 2.

Sorry, Tom Hiddleston Fans: Drew Pearce Tweets "All Hail The King"; Could Be Mandarin

Sorry, Tom Hiddleston fans. Looks like something Trevor Slattery related.

Sorry: Marvel Isn't Apologizing For Iron Man 3 Mandarin Twist Anytime Soon

Drew Pearce sounds off on the Ben Kingsley Mandarin rumor.

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