Bob Wayne

Big Superman Things Coming To DC Comics Thanks To Man Of Steel Movie

DC Comics Execs say Superman is going to be big this year for them.

Man of Steel Comic Book On The Way Teases Bob Wayne

DC's Senior Vice President of Sales Bob Wayne says people will know that a Man of Steel movie is coming and that they publish comics.

DC Comics Does Not Deny A Superman Man of Steel Comic Book By Scott Snyder in 2013

Bob Wayne and John Cunningham of DC Comics were asked about a Scott Snyder Superman Man of Steel comic book.

Marvel Vs. DC Wars Have Begun; 2012 Should Be Fun

It's Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley vs. John Rood and Bob Wayne, of DC Comics! Round One! Begin!

DC Relaunch: Some titles to get the Reboot?

It is being reported, from the description of it, that Teen Titans is going to get a reboot. Are other DC titles, as well?

DC Relaunch: Offers Retailers Variant, Discount and Return Incentives

A letter from Bob Wayne, Senior VP of Sales at DC Comics, has surfaced -- with DC offering retailers variant, discount and return incentives.

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