Brew's Crew

Brew's Crew: Han Solo

With Chewbacca or without, this hero was always ... Solo!

Brew's Crew: C-3PO

The best butler in space!

Brew's Crew: Luke Skywalker

You know him, I know him, but let's look again, shall we?

Brew's Crew: Captain Nazi

The Captain is ein dummkopf!

Brew's Crew: Korath the Pursuer

The Pursuer is pursued in upcoming Marvel movie.

Brew's Crew: The Collector

Hero or villain, the Collector is tops in Byron's book.

Brew's Crew: Ronan the Accuser

Why is he blue? Forced separation from his wife, of course.

Brew's Crew: Nebula

Am I blue? No, but she is.

Brew's Crew: Rocket Raccoon

He's cute, sure, but he's so much more.

Brew's Crew: He is Groot!

Vin takes on the king of Planet X!

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