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Thundercats (2011): "Into the Astral Plane" Preview Clips and Images (Episode 12 Season 1)

Warner Bros. sent over two preview clips and ten images for the next episode of Thundercats.

Young Justice "Secrets" Preview Clip and Images

Warner Bros. sent over the following image and promo clip for Friday's episode of Young Justice, "Secrets."

Review: Green Lantern: The Animated Series (Episode 1 Season 1)

I am overjoyed at what I watched Friday night! Don’t miss this one. It’s a good one!

Review: Thundercats (2011): "The Forest Of Magi Oar" Episode 11 Season 1 (Spoilers)

The show is becoming a liberal's wet dream to be honest. This hippy mumbo jumbo is getting old real fast.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series: New Red Lantern Pic

Check out a new pic from Green Lantern: The Animated series which premieres tonight on Cartoon Network.

Thundercats (2011): "The Forrest of Magi Oar" Preview Clips and Images (Episode 11 Season 1)

WB sent over the following preview clips and images for the next episode of Thundercats.

Review: ThunderCats (2011): "Sight Beyond Sight" Spoilers (Episode 10 Season 1)

Dullsville! The episode started off with race, but ended at a snail's pace.

Thundercats (2011): "Berbils" Preview Trailer and Images (Season 1 Episode 9)

Warner Bros. has provided Cosmic Book News with a preview trailer and images for the next episode of Thundercats.

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