The Walking Dead Season 5 Comic-Con Trailer Now Online

Check out the highly anticipated trailer as the gang takes on Terminus.

The Avengers 2 Comic-Con Poster Puzzle Pieces So Far

One huge piece of concept art featuring the Avengers vs. Ultron drones.

Comic-Con Exclusive Zombie Galactus, Ant-Monitor & More Hero Clix Revealed

Impossible Man and Black Lantern Resurrection Man, too.

New Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Comic-Con Posters

Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis and more.

Marvel Announces Rage Of Ultron OGN At Comic-Con

From Remender and Opena. Check out the art.

New Ben Affleck Batman Image For Batman Vs. Superman

In celebration of the character's 75th Anniversary.

The Avengers 2 Comic-Con Captain America & Black Widow Posters

More Ultron drones take on the Avengers.

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