DCU Online

DCU Online War Of Light DLC Trailer

Legendary Members Get Early Access to the NEW DLC Pack on January 22, 2014!

Origin Crisis DLC Announced For DCU Online: Travel Through Time & Alternate Realities

Origin Crisis will also introduce DCUO’s newest power set – Quantum!

Superman and Zod Now Playable In DCU Online (Screen Shots)

Superman and General Zod are now playable characters in DCU Online as Legends PvP characters.

E3 2012: DCU Online “Last Laugh” Trailer Released

At the 2012 E3, Sony and Warner Bros. released the "Last Laugh" trailer for DCU Online.

E3 2012: Sony's Line-Up Includes DCU Online and more

Sony released their plans for the upcoming E3 2012, including updates for DCU Online and more.

DCU Online: 8th Update: Research & Development System w/Screen Shots

All DCUO players now have access to the all-new Research & Development (R&D) system.

DCU Online: Holiday Game Update: Season's Greetings Info and Screen Shots

Larfleeze, greedy, devious leader of the Orange Lanterns, is lashing out at Santa Claus for leaving him empty-handed this year!

DCU Online: "Lightning Strikes" The Flash Eighth Power Set Announced

Lightning Strikes introduces Electricity Powers – the game’s eighth power set – and a new adventure starring the iconic speedster The Flash.

DCU Online: Superman: Fortress of Solitude: The Deadly Double Cross Info and Screen Shots

Sony Online Entertainment releases the third and final chapter of the DCUO Fortress of Solitude raid series.

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