Ryan Reynolds Behind-The-Scenes Deadpool Test Footage

"Ryan Reynolds wearing his black pants."

Rob Liefeld Says Deadpool Movie Can Be PG-13

Character's creator offers some insights.

Watch The Leaked Deadpool Movie Test Footage

Merc With The Mouth in action. Update: Now officially released.

Deadpool Pinball Trailer

This table will capture the acerbic, fourth wall-crushing attitude of Deadpool!

Ryan Reynolds Is Still Attached To Deadpool

Also forget about X3 and the first Wolverine.

Deadpool, Gambit & Mystique X-Men Spinoff Movies Being Looked At

Producer Lauren Shuler Donner says Fox is now on board.

Brew's Crew: Galactipool!

And you thought the helmet was funny-looking on Big G ...!

Deadpool Gets Married In April

Merc With The Mouth ties the knot.

Deadpool Movie Still Moving Forward Says Ryan Reynolds (Video)

Merc With The Mouth not done for just yet.

Night Of The Living Deadpool #1 Preview (Colors)

This January, Deadpool goes where no Deadpool has gone before – to the…dead?

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