Doctor Strange Movie

Marvel Studios Announces New Movies: Black Panther, Ms. Marvel Avengers & More

New movies, new release dates, concept art and lots more.

Now Colin Farrell & Justin Theroux Rumored For Doctor Strange

Every actor in Hollywood current rumored...

Doctor Strange Director Teases Infinity Gauntlet

Dr. Strange is but a mage, not some all-knowing deity...

Ryan Gosling Rumored For Doctor Strange

Said to have met with Marvel Studios.

Six Rumored For Doctor Strange

Joaquin Phoenix opens the mystic door for someone...

How About Keanu Reeves For Doctor Strange?

Reeves comments on whether he would play a superhero.

No Doctor Strange for Joaquin Phoenix

Back to the drawing board for Marvel.

No Star Wars For Doctor Strange Director Scott Derrickson

Sticking with Marvel movies. For now?

Cool Joaquin Phoenix As Doctor Strange Fan Art

With a rumored release date, comes a potential look at the Sorcerer Supreme.

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