Fantastic Four

Now The Fantastic Four Aren't Superheroes: They Are Disabled

Michael B. Jordan talks Josh Trank's vision.

100th Anniversary Special Fantastic Four #1 Preview

Time warp and fast forward to the year 2061!

Bendis Responds To Marvel Comics Reboot and Cancellation Rumors

"Without any kind of spoilers, something exciting is coming next summer."

First Look At Baxter Building In Josh Trank's Fantastic Four

Currently filming in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Marvel Comics Reboot Rumored To Cancel All X-Men Comics Including Wolverine

Marvel reboot results in no X-Men at all and Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch as Inhumans.

Fantastic Four Comic Cancelled May 2015 Hints Brevoort

Time runs out for the FF in May of 2015?

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