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SDCC 2013: Bumblebee To Finally Speak; Guessing For Transformers 4 As Well

Will speak in the animated Transformers Prime series.

Transformers Prime Season 3 Trailer #2 Now Online

The Hub has rolled out a new trailer.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012): Batman: The Animated Series Hub Network Trailer

Check out this awesome Dark Knight Rises trailer put together by The Hub Network for their Batman: The Animated Series marathon.

Transformers Prime Season 2 "Nemesis Prime" Preview - Evil Prime!

Here is a preview for tonight's episode of Transformers Prime Season 2 "Nemesis Prime."

Transformers Prime Season 2 - Wheeljack Returns! "Loose Cannon" Preview

Here is a preview for the next episode of Transformers Prime, "Loose Cannon."

Transformers Prime Season 2 - "Operation: Bumblebee - Part 1" Preview

Here is a preview for the next episode of Transformers Prime on The Hub.

Transformers Prime Season 2 - "Orion Pax - Part 3" Preview

Saturday on the Hub sees part 3 of the Transformers Prime Season 2 season premiere, "Orion Pax."

Transformers Prime: First Look at Skyquake!

Transformers Prime returns on The Hub next Friday. Check out the Decepticon - Skyquake!

Transformers Prime To Premiere on The Hub February 11th

Hub TV's Transformers Prime will be returning to TV on February 11th in its regular time slot at 4:30pm Eastern.

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