IDW Publishing

IDW Publishing Announces New Rogue Trooper For 2014

A future war creates Genetic Infantrymen.

Sam Kieth's The Maxx Comes To IDW Publishing

IDW Returns To The Groundbreaking Series In Multiple Formats.

IDW Publishing Announces The Memory Collectors

Third creator-owned project at IDW.

IDW Announces Star Trek Into Darkness Khan Mini w/Benedict Cumberbatch Cover

Khan’s secrets will be unlocked and the origin of evil will finally be uncovered.

IDW Publishing Partners With The Powell Group For Video Games

IDW properties coming to games across all platforms, including mobile and console.

IDW Announces Star Trek Deluxe Hardcovers

IDW Limited will begin offering Trek fans a way to celebrate their fandom with a true cornerstone for their collection.

IDW Publishing Announces New X-Files Comic Book Series

Trust no one, but we hope we can trust IDW to put out a good comic.

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