Babylon 5 Movie Reboot Announced

JMS wants to use original cast members.

JMS Twilight Zone #1 Preview

Check out a first look at the new Twilight Zone comic from JMS!

JMS Says Babylon 5 Return Is Up To The Fans

Last best hope is the fans.

SDCC 2013: Dynamite Announces JMS Twilight Zone Series

Featuring all-new tales of science and superstition.

Wachowski's Sci-Fi Series Sense8 Lands On Netflix With JMS

Matrix creators and JMS team for new series.

JMS Offers Thoughts On How To Do Green Lantern Movie

JMS says how GL should have been done.

JMS World War Z Script Lands Online

Someone has posted the 2007 JMS World War Z script online.

JMS Writing Valiant Comics Shadowman Movie

Valiant Entertainment and the producer of The Mummy, Sean Daniel, have struck a deal with J. Michael Straczynksi to bring Shadowman to the big screen.

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