Batman: Arkham Origins US Collector's Edition Comes With Necessary Evil Documentary Blu-Ray

US version comes with a plethora of bonuses and its own Joker statue and more.

Blu-Ray Review: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2

The Dark Knight Returns with a vengeance on Joker, Superman and delivers smiles for any fan of Frank Miller's work.

From Where I Sit: The Comic Book Year of 2012

CBN M.E. Byron Brewer mulls through one of the greatest years in comic book history: 2012!

Batman #16 Cover Reveals The Joker In Batman Family Attire

DC Comics has revealed the January issue of Batman #16 where we see the Joker wearing the costumes from the Batman family!

Byron's Top 10 Most Horrific Comic Book Villains of All Tomb

The most haunting, horrific evildoers between two comic covers are listed in our M.E.'s Top 10 for Halloween

DC Comics Reveals First Official Look At The Joker From Batman #13

DC Comics revealed a look at the Joker, which Cosmic Book News showed you yesterday.

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