Jon Favreau

Manu Bennett Cast As Allanon In Shannara TV Series

Joins Austin Butler, who was announced earlier to play Wil Ohmsford.

Jungle Book Behind-The-Scenes-Image

Jon Favreau shares from Instagram.

Shannara TV Series Picked Up By MTV; TMNT Director Jonathan Liebesman Onboard

Based on the popular Terry Brooks fantasy novels.

Jon Favreau Adapting Shannara TV Series For MTV

Brooks is the second-biggest-selling living fantasy book writer.

Iron Man's Jon Favreau Says "We'll See" To Star Wars

Iron Man director Jon Favreau for Star Wars Episode VII in 2015?

Iron Man 3 Trailer Reveals Extremis Virus? The Death of Jon Favreau As Happy Hogan?

A closer look at the Iron Man 3 trailer seemingly reveals the fate of former Iron Man director Jon Favreau.

Iron Man 3 Repulses Jon Favreau

Jon Favreau will be stepping away from the Iron Man Franchise - moving on to Disney's Magical Kingdom.

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