Mark Hamill

New Look At Mark Hamill For Star Wars: Episode VII

"Contractually-obligated beard".

Mark Hamill Will Have Beard For Star Wars: Episode VII

Similar look to someone familiar?

Mark Hamill Comments On Return To Star Wars, Fanboys & Spoilers

Hamill has met the new cast and crew, creature shop and more.

Mark Hamill Says Star Wars Is In Superb Hands

Hamill offers some updates via Twitter.

Mark Hamill Announced For Star Wars Weekends

It's recommended to get there early!

Mark Hamill AMA: Talks Star Wars, Luke With A Beard, Vs. Batman, Joker & More

Ask Mark Hamill anything! Check out the highlights!

Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford To Film Star Wars: Episode VII In March or April

Fisher to appear on The Big Bang Theory with James Earl Jones.


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