Marvel Studios

Captain America 3 Confirmed For May 6, 2016

Bring on Batman Vs. Superman!

Marvel Studios Has Plans Through 2028 & Talk of Fans & Comics

Map on the wall of Feige's office and talk of fans and comics.

Sebastian Stan Has 9 Picture Deal With Marvel Studios

Potential to play Captain America?

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Trailer Now Online

Star-Lord! Drax! Rocket Raccoon! Groot! Gamora! Gang's all here!

Marvel Studios Announces Cast For The Avengers 2 & Filming in South Korea

Key elements of the movie in the capital city of Seoul.

The Avengers 3 Rumored For Marvel Studios Phase 3 Plans; Guardians of the Galaxy 2 In Doubt?

Ant-Man, Captain America 3, Thor 3, Doctor Strange and The Avengers 3.

Who Leads DC's and Marvel's Cinematic Realities?

Lawrence takes a look at who is running the show and offers thoughts of his own.

Marvel Studios Phase 4 Plans Rumored To Include New Avengers

If Robert Downey Jr. departs assemble the New Avengers?

Russo Bros. & Chris Evans Said To Be Back For Captain America 3

Plot being developed and Feige returning to produce.

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