Annihilation: Nova #3 Early Quasar Cover Sketches

Awesome art by Gabriele Dell'Otto.

Richard Rider Nova Guardians of the Galaxy Post-Credit Scene? Exclusive Details

Is Nova in the Guardians of the Galaxy? How about Quasar or Beta Ray Bill?

Quasar & She-Hulk Named As Potentials For Marvel Studios & Disney Investors

Quasar getting noticed by a financial investment company.

Avengers #19 Preview (Infinity)

Features a Wendell Vaughn Quasar variant.

Kevin Feige Is Aware of Marvel Cosmic Rabid Fans; Movie Plans Through 2021

More Cosmic movies on the horizon? The rabid Marvel Cosmic fan base happens to include Feige, Whedon and Clark Gregg.

Quasar Returns In Avengers Infinity #18!

Jonathan Hickman don't fail us now (gulp)!

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