Ron Moore

SyFy's Helix Gets 1.8 Million Viewers

Syfy’s best performance in the time period in more than four years.

SyFY's Helix Episode 3 "274" Preview

The number of infected is rising.

SyFy Launches Helix Viral Site

Check out the Arctic BioSystems research facility.

Watch The First 15 Minutes Of SyFy and Ron Moore's Helix

Helix premiers Friday, January 10 at 9pm ET on SyFy.

Watch The "Virus" Trailer For SyFy's Helix

The virus doesn't just kill, it annihilates.

Jeri Ryan Joins SyFy's Helix

Seven of Nine in Ron Moore's new series!

SyFy & Ron Moore's Helix Begins Production With Full Cast Announced

Billy Campbell stars as Dr. Alan Farragut, leader of the Centers for Disease Control.

SyFy & Ron Moore's Helix Trailer Now Online

From the EP of Battlestar Galactica.

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