Amazing Spider-Man Movie

Exclusive: Len Wiseman Director On Amazing Spider-Man 2

Cosmic Book News received a tip that Len Wiseman is the director on Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Toldja: Marc Webb Not Returning For Amazing Spider-Man Sequel

A tip Cosmic Book News received - has once again - turned out to be true. This time regarding the Amazing Spider-Man movie.

Amazing Spider-Man Movie On Track For $800 Million Worldwide

You can definitely call the Amazing Spider-Man movie a success as it is currently on track to bring in $800 million worldwide.

Toronto Batman Vs. Toronto Spider-Man: Watch The Video

Toronto Batman is back to take on Toronto Spider-Man in this parody video.

The Dark Knight Rises Fan Poster Tells Spider-Man To Move Out Of The Way!

Cool fan made poster has Batman telling Spidey to get out of his way!

Amazing Spider-Man (2012): Movie Review

I can only hope and pray that this reboot is a fluke and its genuine quality is an exception to the rule.

Amazing Spider-Man (2012): Post-Credit Scene Now Online (Spoilers)

The post-credit Amazing Spider-Man movie scene is online. Any clues?

Amazing Spider-Man (2012): New Lizard Movie Poster!

Check out a new Lizard movie poster for the Amazing Spider-Man.

Amazing Spider-Man (2012): New Movie Poster Resembles Superman Returns

Wow! The new Amazing Spider-Man movie poster is eerily(?!) similar to that of Superman Returns!

Oscorp Was Going To Be In The Avengers Movie

Apparently the office building of Norman Osborn's company was supposed to be a part of The Avengers' skyline, but never made it into the movie.

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