Superman Lives

The Death of Superman Lives Documentary Trailer #2

Go a little deeper into the misconceptions that the public had of this production.

The Death of Superman Lives Documentary Full Trailer Now Online

Interviews with Tim Burton, Kevin Smith and more.

The Death of "Superman Lives" Kickstarter Documentary Trailer Now Online

Looks into the never finished Tim Burton Nicolas Cage film "Superman Lives."

Nicholas Cage Eyes Doctor Strange Movie (Video)

Does Nicholas Cage have his Eye of Agamotta set on Doctor Strange?

Superman Lives Script Now Online By Wesley Strick

Braniac Lives as he has his sites set on Earth and Kal-El!

Possible New Image Of Nicholas Cage As Superman Doesn't Look Too Bad

A very Burton-esque Superman suit of Cage lands online.

Superman Lives Movie Documentary Needs A Kickstart

Help bring Superman Lives to life as a kickstarter campaign has been started for a documentary and scenes.

More Superman Lives Hideous Looking Toy Concept Art

A few more pieces of Superman Lives art have made their way on to the net - and they are just as hideous!

Hasbro Concept Art From Tim Burton's Defunct Superman Lives

Check out some concept art from Superman Lives.

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