SyFy Renews Defiance For Season Two

April 15 Premiere Second Largest Series in Network History.

Defiance "A Well Respected Man" Preview

Kenya is kidnapped when she stumbles onto a drug ring in which Votans are draining humans of their adrenaline.

Defiance "The Devil In the Dark" Preview & Episode 2 Deleted Scene

See Irisa's first vision in this deleted scene from Episode 2.

Defiance Review: Episode 2 "Down In the Ground Where the Dead Men Go" & Video Game

John T. shares his thoughts on the latest episode as well as what's new for the video game.

Syfy Defiance Episode 2 Preview "Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go"

Rafe & Nolan search underground St. Louis while looking for an escaped convict.

Review: SyFy's Defiance

Check out some thoughts on the new SyFy Defiance MMO/TV series.

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