SyFy 12 Monkeys Trailer

Follows the journey of a time traveler from the post-apocalyptic future.

SyFy Greenlights The Magicians

Adaptation of Les Grossman's best-selling fantasy series.

Sharknado: The Video Game Announced

Two new brand extensions include a trade paperback original.

SyFy's Ascension Starts Production

Six-hour event series premiering in November.

SyFy Defiance & Dominion Episode 3 Preview Trailers

Set your alarm for all-new episodes!

Watch: Sharknado 2 Clip

A freak weather system turns its deadly fury on New York City!

Syfy 2014 Teaser Trailer: Defiance, Dominion, 12 Monkeys & More

A cool look at SyFy's new and upcoming shows.

SyFy The Almighty Johnsons Season 1: Launch Trailer

The Johnson brothers are four typical guys - with the power of Norse Gods.

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