SyFy Defiance Season 2 Preview

Premiers this Thursday at 8pm ET.

Dominion Season 1 Preview

Premiers this Thursday.

Face Off Season 7 Premiere Date & Contestants Announced

Premiere Features Special Guest Robert Englund and Welcomes Judge Lois Burwell to the Panel.

Dominion Season 1: Our Fate Trailer

Based on characters from the hit theatrical film Legion.

ISA Trailer; Premiers June 11th On SyFy

They stole her dreams. Now she's their nightmare.

Sharknado 2 Teaser Trailer

Premiers in July.

SyFy The Almighty Johnsons Premiers July 11th

Follows the Johnson boys, four typical fun-loving guys who have inherited the power of Norse Gods.

SyFy Announces Brian Van Holt To Star In Ascension

Husband to Tricia Helfer's character.

SyFy Renews Bitten For Season

Returns in 2015 with ten new episodes.

SyFy Dominion Cast Reveal Images

Series is based on the Paul Bettany Legion movie.

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