Tom Welling

Tom Welling becomes A Green Lantern In DC Comics Digital Smallville Series

The ring’s search brings it to the nearest Kryptonian it can recruit!

Man of Steel Announces Superman 75th Anniversary Costume Tour

Coming to the NYCC, Texas and Metlife Stadium.

Superman Tom Welling Wishes Batman Ben Affleck The Best

Clark offers his thoughts on the new Bruce.

Mark Millar Says Superman Henry Cavill Was A Great Choice; New Costume Horrible For Comic Books

Millar offers his thoughts on the new Superman as well as the past super men.

Tom Welling would do a Smallville movie

Tom Welling stated he would do a Smallville movie in the future and comments on the show and new movie coming up.

Smallville Finale: Tom Welling as Superman Video and Images

SPOILERS: Check out the finale to Smallville - pics and video. Nicely done.

Clark Kent To Appear in Green Lantern Movie - But Not Superman?

Writer Marc Guggenheim mentions Tom Welling appearing in the Green Lantern Movie and discusses the inclusion of further Easter Eggs.

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