Leaked: Russo Bros. Offered Avengers 3 & 4; Could Produce Spider-Man

Leaked e-mails about the future of Spider-Man including Sam Raimi, Venom, Sinister Six and more.

Marvel Pinball: Venom Trailer

Features Eddie Brock as the Symbiote-empowered villain.

Venom Carnage Movie Rumored For 2017

Will Venom be the anti-hero?

Sony Releasing Spider-Man Movies Every Year; Webb Back For Third Film

Sony building a Spider-Man cinematic universe.

Sony Announces Sinister Six & Venom Movies; Plans For Amazing Spider-Man 3

Big announcement from Sony regarding the expansion of the Spidey U.!

Brew's Crew: Who is the real Venom?

From a Spidey suit to protector of Philadelphia, Venom indeed has a strange story.

Marc Webb Teases Venom In Amazing Spider-Man 2?

Another Spidey teaser image from Marc Webb.

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