The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Gets 12.1 Million Viewers

The Walking Dead, Talking Dead and Comic Book Men return February 9th on AMC.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 Video Game Sees Return Of Omid In New Image

The first episode, "All That Remains," gets releases later this month

The Walking Dead 409 February Preview

Goes out with a bang! Returns with a ?!

The Walking Dead Ratings Down A Million Since Return Of The Governor

Fans want Daryl and Carol not more from last season.

The Walking Dead 408 "Too Far Gone" Previews

Preview for mid-season finale.

3 New Images For The Walking Dead 407 "Dead Weight"

David Morrissey as The Governor! And one familiar to comic fans!

Feel Shortchanged By Tonight's The Walking Dead? You're Not The Only One & Here's Why

Not a fan-favorite episode tonight for The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead 407 "Dead Weight" Previews

Preview for the next episode.

AMC The Walking Dead Spinoff Said To Be Prequel

Might be set when the zombie epidemic first occurs.

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