World Of Warcraft

Warcraft Movie Viral Sites Launched; New Images

Choose your side! Fight for the Alliance or the Horde!

Robin Williams Get A World Of Warcraft Tribute (Leaked Image)

Williams was a big fan of Warcraft and video games.

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Cinematic Trailer

Garrosh Hellscream has escaped through the Dark Portal and forged the orc clans of old into a terrifying war machine known as the Iron Horde.

Warcraft Movie Logo Debuts At Comic-Con

Director Duncan Jones will be at the SDCC as well.

Warcraft Comic-Con Duncan Jones Signing Announced

Taking place at the Blizzard booth.

Ben Foster Reveals Warcraft (2016) Role

Not just a video game turned movie.

First Warcraft (2016) Movie Set Image

Director Duncan Jones on set.

World Of Warcraft Movie Concept Art & Details

Tone of the film is compared to Gladiator.

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